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Editorials and Opinions

Akron Beacon Journal (Editorial), “Tyrone Noling Gains the Appeal He Deserves,” 12/23/16.

The Plain Dealer (Opinion), Jim Petro, “Tyrone Noling’s Death Penalty Appeal Highlights Need for Access to DNA Testing,” 5/27/16.

Akron Beacon Journal (Editorial), Michael Douglas, “An Innocent Man Deserves a Hearing,” 5/22/16.

Akron Beacon Journal (Editorial), “Death Deserves a Full Appeal,” 10/13/15.

The Plain Dealer (Editorial), “In Portage County, Indifferent Justice,” 4/6/11.

The Plain Dealer (Column), Regina Brett, “Nathan Chesley Needs to be Heard in Tyrone Noling’s Death Row Case,” 3/6/11.

The Plain Dealer (Editorial), “With a Man’s Life at Stake, DNA Test is Appropriate,” 2/28/11.

The Plain Dealer (Column), Regina Brett, “Questions in Death Row Inmate Tyrone Noling’s Case Deserve Answers,” 2/24/11.

The Plain Dealer (Column), Regina Brett, “A Prosecutor’s Misplaced Concern,” 2/4/07.

Leonard Pitts, Jr. “Where is Justice With Innocent on Death Row?,” The Houston
Chronicle 8/21/06 (syndicated column originally published in The Miami Herald).

News Coverage

Andrea Simakis, “Tyrone Noling Appeal: Ohio Supreme Court Asked for Access to DNA Evidence in Death-Row Case (photos, video),” The Plain Dealer, 5/31/16

Mike Wagner, “Death Row Inmate Wins Case for New DNA Testing” The Columbus Dispatch, 05/03/13

Mark Kovac, “Portage County Court Must Reconsider DNA on Cigarette Butt Found at Atwater Murder Scene” The Review, 05/03/13

Mike Sever, “Ohio Supreme Court Orders Portage County Court to Consider DNA Test in Noling Case” Record-Courier, 05/02/13

Kabir Bhatia, “Portage Death Row Inmate May Get Another Try at DNA Testing” NPR, 05/02/13

Ed Meyer & Stephanie Warsmith, “Portage Court Must Reconsider DNA Request in 1990 Double Murder Case” Akron Beacon Journal, 05/02/13

Peter Krause, “Death Row Inmate Tyrone Noling Can Request New DNA Test” The Plain Dealer, 05/02/13

“Alliance Man Convicted of Double Murder Seeks New DNA Test”, 05/02/13

Kantele Franko, “Court: Reconsider Ohio Inmate’s DNA Test Request” SFGate,     05/02/13

Andrew Cohen, “Can Ohio Handle the Truth About the Tyrone Noling Case?” the Atlantic, 01/14/13

Michael Douglas, “Execution at a Higher Standard” Akron Beacon Journal, 01/12/13

“Growing Doubt” Akron Beacon Journal, 01/06/13

Andrew Cohen, “The Law: 10 Days to Watch in 2013” the Atlantic, 12/20/12.

Andrew Cohen, “Is Ohio Keeping Another Innocent Man on Death Row?” The Atlantic, 1/31/12.

Andrea Simakis, “Lies Put Man on Death Row, Three Claim,” The Plain Dealer, 8/13/06.

Martin Kuz, “The Unlikely Triggerman: Nothing About the Double Homicide Seemed to Finger Tyrone Noling. Even the Former Sheriff Doesn’t Believe He Should Be on Death Row,” Cleveland Scene, 9/10/03.                      

Andrea Simakis, “An Investigation Halted Without Explanation,” The Plain Dealer, 8/13/06.

Andrea Simakis, “Excerpts from an Interrogation (Investigator Ron Craig Questions Witnesses),” The Plain Dealer, 8/13/06.

Andrea Simakis, “Other Witnesses Get Facts Wrong; Reports Show Changed Stories” The Plain Dealer, 8/13/06.

Andrea Simakis, “Judges Worry, But Affirm Death Sentence of Tyrone Noling,”
The PlainDealer, 6/30/11.

Andrea Simakis, “Judge Won’t Allow DNA Testing of Cigarette That Might Help Clear Death-Row Inmate Tyrone Noling,” The Plain Dealer, 4/1/11.

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