Tyrone Noling is an innocent man on Ohio’s death row. He has spent more than eighteen years in prison for two murders that he did not commit, despite the fact that:

  • There is absolutely no physical evidence tying him to the murders.
  • All of the principal witnesses against him have recanted their testimony.
  • Recently discovered evidence that was withheld at trial points to credible alternative suspects.

Case update: March 31, 2014

Today, the 11th District Court of Appeals reversed and remanded Mr. Noling’s new trial appeal for another hearing in trial court.

The Court directed the trial court in Mr. Noling’s case to take additional evidence on the issue of whether the evidence at issue in the new trial motion was a part of the prosecutor’s open file or was otherwise available through the Sheriff’s materials at the time of the trial.

The opinion can be viewed here.

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